ARTIST / Consultancy


Kemal Önsoy (b.1980)

Kemal Önsoy graduated from Istanbul State Applied Fine Arts High School Painting Department in 1980. Between 1990-1993 he continued his studies in New York. Önsoy held his first exhibition in Istanbul in 1979, and later took part in various exhibitions in Italy and Brazil. The artist, who uses the traces left by the living conditions of societies and people as the material of his art, wanders in overlapping layers in his works. Önsoy, who moved his workshop to New York for a while, is currently working in Istanbul.


Oil on canvas 132 x 162 cm


Mixed media on canvas 150 x 120 cm


Oil on canvas 134 x 147 cm

Soyut Kompozisyon

Oil on canvas 210 x 183 cm