Artist Talk at Istanbul Modern with Ergin Inan and Sevil Dolmacı

As part of the exhibition “Nefs/Nefes” organized by Sevil Dolmacı Art Consultancy for the 50th anniversary of Ergin İnan’s artistic life, an artist talk took place in Istanbul Modern on the 21 December 2016. The participants of the artist talk were Prof. Dr. Ergin Inan and Art consultant Sevil Dolmacı. Inan shed light on  the different phases of his career, starting from the early periods until present day.

From his inspirations over the years to small childhood and early adulthood anecdotes, many questions about his career were answered, particularly the place he holds in Contemporary Turkish Art and where he stands on the international platform. Furthermore, the participants talked about what collecting means today and the fact that Ergin Inan is a favorite of Turkish collectors.

The artist talk ended with a portion of questions from the audience, where listeners discovered secrets of Ergin Inan’s imagination.