Consultancy Spot of “Works of Art”


Fisun Yalçınkaya

Having served as an art consultant at several companies, Sevil Dolmacı established a company both for artists and collectors. Sevil Dolmacı created her firm to function as a pool for all the art lovers.

After working at various companies for many years as an art consultant, Sevil Dolmacı this time showed up with a company through which artists, collectors and dilettanti can reach her. Collections of the company are exhibited at this venue opened with the name of “Sevil Dolmacı ART Consultancy” in Nişantaşı, Harmancı Apartment House. Sevil Dolmacı aspires to mentor young artists who are hesitant where to open their exhibitions, collectors wishing to shape their collections, artists intending to archive their works and institutions yearning for hosting works of art. We talked about her new company with Sevil Dolmacı, who mentioned the insufficiency of an institutionalized art consultancy service.

– How did you start art consultancy?

I was doing my master degree at Hacettepe University. And I went to London to see Young British Artist then. After going to London, I started to receive lessons at Royal Academy of Art on Contemporary Art. I took small charges at Saatchi and Tate Modern over there. I would visit galleries, museums and meet artists. It was a pretty important experience for me. I figured out that there were not any institutionalized service in that field in Turkey although art consultancy service was available. I wanted to take my chance in Istanbul. Kabakçı family hired me as an art consultant. I thought I knew a lot then but I realized that I had known little in practice when I engaged in the business. The person called art consultant must be specialized on something. He/she must visit workshops and rub shoulders with artists. Then I transferred to Demsa Group. That experience was fantastic for me. My paths crossed with Demirören Group there and the circle started to expand.

“Everybody get included”

– And now you want to do your own business?

Now I want to stand on my own legs. When I talked about what I wanted to do with Mehmet Güleryüz, he told me: “You want to create a pool. There will be collectors, artists, publishing houses, press, auction houses in this pool. They will all be in the same basket and you will bring people together in that basket.” This explained what I wanted to do very explicitly. Everyone I talked told me that such a structure was needed and necessary. This structure can support galleries as well. It may be something that can revive and accelerate the environment. Artists also need this.

Under a single roof

– What do artists consult you about?

For example, artists show up and say that they want to archive their works. I want to be able to collect their archives and give them to artists, auctions or institutions. This is also something needed… The name of this place is Sevil Dolmacı Art Consultancy. But it is actually an independent art platform… For instance, Komet, Ömer Uluç, Fahrelnissa Zeid, Mübin Orhon, Ergin İnan, Devrim Erbil… There is not a gallery bringing them under a single rood. My client portfolio purchases the works of these artists. However, it is difficult to bring them under a single roof… Nevertheless, they can meet them thanks to my personal relations.

Works valuing 500 Turkish Lira are also available

– I suppose this will not be an open exhibition area?

This is now a place which can be visited with pre-scheduled appointments. But let’s say there is a collector and he wants to put a valuable collection of his for sale. Then I want to share this with everyone and organize an exhibition. Artists can show up with such demands.

– Do you provide consultancy services for those sparing modest budgets for art?

Of course, I do. Prices of edition works, editions of photographs or digital works start from 500 Turkish Lira. I am able to help those intending to purchase edition works.