Bahadır Yıldız “Hot Volumes”


“Forms are shaped according to the conditions of the space. The place that produces forms effectively is space.”

Albertus Magnus


The starting point of “Hot Volumes” was the concept of home. In the place where they were built, memory objects, which engage in various dialogues not only with each other but with the place itself, have turned into objects – skeletons. The process, which was completed with waste plastic in a place where it was mass-produced, emerged within the time of that place, within the possibilities of the material and space, and revealed experiments focusing on consumption and the city.

Taking and shaping a plastic mass that is waste, namely a negation, from mass production and what a contemporary but problematic material shows us by transforming, prompts us to reflect on the current life itself, its uncertainties, complexities and simple connotations, contradictions and numerous oppositions.

The works that started by putting the space in their center stay in a “non-place”, that blurred place where we go back and forth between two different chronological times – present and past time-. By opening the door of a place in the city, between the indeterminate realities…

Works that change with the flow of molten raw material and turn into anthropomorphic sculptures remind us of figures that come out of the movement formed by leaping out from the boundaries of its skeleton, and multi-faceted and hybrid beings. Busts titled “Whatever”, made of car headlights, which gush out anatomical parts, and which symbolize human perception mechanisms, are also concerned with the manipulation of sensory information.

* Reverse Perspective- Pavel Florenski


27 02 2020 - 21 03 2020

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