Kemer Golf Resort Hotel

We wanted to accelerate beginner artists by opting for gathering artists who proved their adequacy in the art world and artists newly stepped into this world for Kemer Golf Hotel Project. To this end, we designed a structure consisting of current anthologies to host works of mainly young and beginner artists and to change periodically. Works of Saliha Yılmaz, Devin Miles, Osman Dinç, Suzy Hug Levy, Ramazan Bayrakoğlu, Ersan Deveci, Ansen and Seçkin Pirim are present at the project as well as the availability of support from art galleries such as Merkür, Galeri X-İst. Whilst forming the anthology, we focused on the materials rather than the subtexts of works. We tried to select works of different types such as paintings, photographs, digital prints etc. Since the hotel has a minimal and well-settled, bland and stationary structure in general, we always included minimal works. A composition formed by a simple setup which is plain but spreading to overall came to the light. There are those who visit the Kemer Golf Resort Project, from which we obtained positive feedbacks, only for seeing those art objects.


01 05 2016 - 31 05 2016