Sevil Dolmacı Art Consultancy celebrates the 50th anniversary of Ergin Inan’s artistic life with an exceptional book

Constituting a retrospective for Inan’s artistic career, the book includes articles from Humboldt University’s Dr. Elisabeth Wagner who witnessed a major part of the artist’s career and from Zeynep Yasa-Yaman of Hacettepe University, who also curated the exhibition “Nefs/Nefes” taking place at  Sevil Dolmacı Art Consultancy’s gallery in the historic Narmanlı Apartmanı until the February 2nd 2017.

The book focuses on major series that surfaced during the past 50 years. From the “Grotesque Figures” and “psycho-portraits” that emerged in the 1970s to the “Masnavi” Series which first came together in the 1980s; from “1001 insects” series in the 1990s to the “Ilyas Letters” and “Kafka” Series, the most important images from Ergin Inan’s iconography find their rightful place in this extensive book.

The Ergin Inan book is available at Patika Bookstore.