This Exhibition Will Terrify You

“Trial II: Pathological Desires” exhibition explores the sick world of serial killers. The exhibition promises a terrifying experience rather than an aesthetic pleasure.

The exhibition of “Trial II: Pathological Desires” the curator of which is Sevil Dolmacı will be organized in parallel with 12th Istanbul Biennial.

The exhibition will mirror the inner and exterior worlds of four serial killers referring to the work of Marcus Harvey called “Myra”. Iconic portraits of serials killers reminding pop stars and massive baby mobiles turned into industrial mobiles will turn the venue into a killer “nest”.

In accordance with the theme, the exhibition venue will also display a disturbing concept. A disturbing, repulsive, terrifying, filthy and messy space will be created with mentality similar to sex rooms which Cristoph Büchel organized ay Wien Seccesion Museum in 2010.

It is aimed that the sound installation to accompany the visitors of the exhibition will contribute to the disturbance.

The exhibition of “Proje 300” formed by artists from different disciplines is closely interested in murdered-victim relation. Their inner worlds and actions are brought together for the audience to experience them.

The exhibition can be seen at Çıplak Ayaklar Studio in Beyoğlu between 13 September and 1 October.

Artists: Proje 300 (Buğra Erol, Zeze Akyüz, Erdem Can, Şakir Kış, Arda Söyletir, Gün Çevik)