Trial I: “A-contex-tual” will be at Piramid Sanat between 14 September and 14 October

Piramid Sanat will open the 2009-2010 season with the exhibition called “TRIAL I: A-CONTEXT-UAL” the curator of which is Sevil Dolmacı on 14 September 2009. Artists Çağlar Uzun, Ece Akay, Esra Sağlık, Seval Şener, Serkan Sökmen and Umut Şumnu problematize the states of affiliation, attachment or being unaffiliated through works of art such as installations, video, digital print and paintings.

This affiliation in question sometimes revives itself but sometimes it is formed. Said network of relations (curator, concept, artist) or the state of being affiliated (biennial, festival, art fairs etc. binding to art organizations), which have been criticized in the art area, objected and otherwise determined as the resistance point for some, actualize inevitably. Even the state of getting up against, standing by or assuming that it is independent has surrendered its availability to the dominant position established by the physical or ideational connection. Rejecting the binding and developing a discourse makes a person/state closer to the dominant position. The starting point of the exhibition, A-“context”-tual contradicts itself in the first point and causes many situations like this. In this point, Nietzsche is sheltered/approached: the one that is asked for power. This is tried to be actualized through the language games revealed in 1960s along with contextual art. However, the issue mooted is complex and hard to be solved in itself. Therefore, the notion of a-contex-tual is, in this regard, tackled through a trial exhibition by being updated with the mentality of the 21st century and tries to break/establish all kinds of in-depen(d)-(ency) by way of the art works included among the activities in parallel to the biennial.

 “TRIAL I: A-CONTEXT-UAL” will be able to be seen until 14 October 2009.