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Daniel Knorr

Daniel Knorr

Born 1968 in Bucharest, lives and works in Berlin and Hong Kong.

Knorr studied at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts. The artist, who draws attention with his castings in the pits formed on the airstrips and his site-specific installations using smoke, also triggers discussions about political and theoretical content with these uses. Closely interested in the concept of emptiness, symbolization and the world of imagination, Knorr’s texts, sculptures, graphic works and performances have a controversial style. Daniel Knorr’s conceptual, participatory approaches constantly bring historical, sociopolitical, economic and biopolitical phenomena into discussion in the context of art.

During the 14th Documenta in 2017, Daniel Knorr’s work, Movement to End, allowed white smoke to rise from the Zwehrenturm over Kassel for 10 hours a day for 163 days. At the 2005 Venice Biennale, he created a controversial contribution to the Romanian pavilion with his work European Flu.



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