Vision / Mission

Sevil Dolmacı

Proje ve Sanat Yatırım Danışmanlığı A.Ş

Increasing interest in art in the recent years and the competition of existence with art have led to the requirement of institutional structuring. This requirement allowed SEVİL DOLMACI Project and Art Investment Consultancy, established in 2013 and conducted many qualified projects, to incorporate as a joint-stock company within a short period of time, which is two years.

Containing experienced art professionals experienced in their field, having worked and studied abroad and carried out outstanding art institutions in Europe and America within itself, SEVİL DOLMACI Project and Art Investment Consultancy possesses a professional perspective in its field, which is new and trend-tracking, due to its relations with the significant actors and institutions of international art market and to its broad vision in terms of art consultancy.

SEVİL DOLMACI Project and Art Investment Consultancy focuses on corporate collections and museums as the service area. It operates by sharing its experience with its comprehensive service category and international team formed by means of its predictions that the number of museums in Turkey will soon increase and that the collections will institutionalize.