Kişisel Sergi

18.12.2023 – 26.01.2024

Daniel Knorr

Sevil Dolmaci Art Gallery hosts the first solo exhibition of the internationally recognized artist Daniel Knorr in Dubai


 The exhibition titled, “ Surfaced”, which will be held in the Sevil Dolmaci Art Gallery in Dubai will include both iconic and engaging art works in which the artist experiments with different surfaces captured from different historic sites or objects. Knorr invites the viewer to experience the emergence of the surface, to look it through and recognize the character of its depthts.


“Like a thought, an idea or just a gesture, the initial moment of a creation is the appearance of the surface. It is the first moment when we are meeting an another space, looking at something new, not yet discovered by oneself. The experience of doing a show is like a surfacing a variety of artistic works placed into private and public space. Being at the surface, in touch with the viewer, it´s an emotional moment,” – Daniel Knorr on his “Surfaced” exhibition.


Born in Bucharest, Knorr lives in Berlin and Hong Kong. The artist, who represented Romania at the Venice Biennale in 2005 and participated in the 2017 Documenta, reached in 2019 large audiences with his car wash installation titled “Laundry” at Art Basel.


Apart from the “Laundry” installation, the artist attracts attention with the castings he makes using the forms of street denivelations and his large site-specific installations using smoke, gemstones or stainless steel. Through these works, he also triggers discussions about the political and theoretical content. Knorr’s texts, sculptures, graphic works and performances, which are closely interested in the concept of emptiness, symbolization and the world of imagination, have a controversial and metaphoric style in common.


“Surfaced” exhibition will run from 18 December 2023 to 26 January 2024.

Sevil Dolmacı Art Gallery

Building 11-R04, Dubai Design District