Sevil Dolmacı x L’Officiel Arabia ART MEET FASHION

Sevil Dolmacı x L’Officiel Arabia ART MEET FASHION


Sevil Dolmacı ( Sevil Dolmacı x L’Officiel Arabia ART MEET FASHION İnterwiev)


L’Officiel Arabia: When and how did you decide to be a part of the Art Industry?

Sevil Dolmacı: I did my bachelor’s in ‘art history’ and my master’s and doctoral studies in ‘contemporary art’. Upon the completion of my studies, I started working
as an academic at Başkent University in Ankara, which
is one of the most well-established private universities in Turkey. As much as I enjoyed teaching at the university, I realised that I would need to do more to satisfy my passion for art. In relation to that, I wanted to travel more, engage in different art scenes, get to know diverse artists and have an exchange of experience and knowledge with them. I was also wondering how this sector works commercially. For this reason, I made a sudden decision to resign from the university and move to Istanbul.When I moved to Istanbul, I started working with Turkey’s internationally renowned family, Sabancı Family, as an art consultant.While the Sabancı Family was working on establishing a contemporary museum with Zaha Hadid, an Iraqi and British architect, artist and designer, who is recognised as a major figure in the architecture of the late-20th and early-21st centuries. I joined the team and worked together with Thomas Krens, consultant of the Guggenheim Museums, and Zaha Hadid for two years. I made international purchases.Thus, I entered the art market from a higher point, attended the workshops of world-renowned artists and made high-budget deals with American and European galleries. In other words,
I became the apple of eye thanks to one of the biggest players in the art market as well as all the hard-work and self-devotion. I felt happier and stronger in this area.

In addition to the family’s museum project, DEMSA Collection, I carried out the art project of St. Regis Hotel.

After having worked for the Sabancı Family for about 9 years, I established my own art consultancy company in 2015, as a result of which, my journey in the art world continued and my venture started to grow rapidly. I added a gallery to my organisation in 2018 and launched the Artist Residency Program in 2021. As a part of my belief in the importance and enriching power of intercultural exchange between different countries and regions, I opened my gallery space in Dubai in 2023.Today, I have many collectors from Turkey and from across the world as well as a list of intriguing and successful local and international artists. I have worked with the artists who have shaped world art history, such as Peter Halley, Tony Cragg and David Salle. I am happy to say that I am the most powerful art consultancy company in Istanbul and I take part in the international platform as the most assertive gallery of the country.