Sevil Dolmacı x Hello ! Türkiye Interview


”There are very few successful/professional galleries in Dubai focused on international contemporary art. On the other hand, the interest and care shown to the Turks allows us to establish a structure in Dubai in a short time. Moreover, the Turkish community in Dubai is very strong and all of them are my close friends. I am also a customer of mine. Therefore, we have gained a serious network in a short time. There is a very serious cosmopolitan structure in Dubai that understands art and follows especially abroad. On the other hand, there is a serious support for art. We are talking about a geography that plans to stand out with art, fashion and design. “Their strategy, which makes tourism more attractive through art, enabled them to easily open the doors to us. This was attractive as it would allow us to become identified and institutionalized in the Middle East in a short time. We have already met with a good buyer base. Our spread will undoubtedly be much faster,” he says.

(From Hello! Magazine interview)