Sevil Dolmacı Dubai’s Opening


Sevil Dolmacı Dubai opened its doors on November 6 in the Design District, which is the heart of Dubai, and where art, design, and fashion meet. Sevil Dolmacı Gallery was opened in 2020 in the Villa İpranosyan Building, which is the main gallery space in Istanbul. The gallery that has collaborated with important curators since the day it was opened and expanded its artist portfolio and carried out important exhibitions and projects, aims to create an impact on the Turkish art sector and to contribute to the developing art scene in Dubai.

Sevil Dolmacı Dubai will make its opening with Ekrem Yalçındağ, one of the well-established Turkish artists who has taken important steps on the international platform with his two museum exhibitions: “Seeing the World Anew” curated by Robert Fleck at Kunstforum Vienna on July 6 and “Natures” at MoMA Dubrovnik on July 29. Sevil Dolmacı Gallery will bring together important names of the international art field, such as Barry X Ball, Beverly Fishman, Bosco Sodi, Daniel Knorr and Robert Janitz, with the art lovers in Dubai within the duration of the art season between November 2023-May 2024.

Aiming to add new international talents to its portfolio and encouraging cultural exchange, therefore, enriching the existing art environment, Sevil Dolmacı Gallery promises a remarkable contribution to Dubai’s vibrant art scene.



📍Dubai Design District Building 11, R04, Dubai