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Burhan Doğançay was born in Istanbul in 1929 as the son of the well-known painter and map officer Adil Doğançay.

Doğançay, who turned to art with the encouragement of his father, started to work in this direction and started art studies at La Grande Chaumiere in Paris. When he finished his doctorate and returned to Ankara, and opened joint exhibitions with his father. In 1961, five of his paintings were accepted to the 22nd State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition. He then went to New York in 1962.

In 1964, the director of the Guggenheim museum, Thomas Messer, took one of the artist’s works into the museum collection.

In the same decade, he started the “Walls” series, which is an important source of inspiration, which will start with the walls of New York. The walls reflected “everything” behind the rapidly passing life. The artist, who set out from here in 1975, started the World Walls photography project, which will cover 114 countries. It was exhibited for the first time under the name ”.

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Walls 71: No. 6 / Genel Duvarlar

Mixed media on canvas 152 x 152 cm

Walls 70: No.8

Mixed media on canvas 153 x 153 cm