ARTIST / Artist, Residency


Derek Weisberg was born in 1983. The artist, who has been working on 3D shaping from a very young age, uses art as a way to process the impossible daily difficulty of being human. In his portraits, ceramic, stone, wood plaster and found materials capture different emotions on the faces and movements of the figures put together.

In addition to sculpture , Weisberg also makes drawings and paintings of a similar aesthetic: it comes across as a collage mixed with additional drawn elements containing distorted faces through the layering of incompatible features. Since his inception, Weisberg has opened his own gallery, Boontling Gallery, and curated numerous other shows.

He also worked with artists such as Stephen De Staebler, Ursula von Rydingsvard and Manuel Neri. Weisberg also maintains a strong and challenging studio application that is on display regionally, nationally and internationally.

Artist’s CV