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Ergin İnan (b.1943)

Born in 1943, İnan worked in the fields of painting and printmaking at the Fine Arts Academy of Munich between 1970-1973. In 1985, he was appointed as a professor to the Painting Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Marmara University. From the early stages of his artistic life, symbolic relationships are seen in his works, where he deals with insects and human figures. He also included Ottoman and Turkish writings in his very detailed designs.

The artist has many solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad. Ankara and Istanbul state fine arts museums, Dahlem Museum-Berlin, Haus der Kunst-Munich, Kunstverein-Frechen, Modern Art Museum-Cleveland, Bradford Museum, British Museum-London, Cul des Sarts Museum, Fredrikstad Modern Art Museum-Belgium His works are in permanent collections.


Fine Art Print, Edition 5/99 75 x 55 cm


Fine Art Print, Edition 3/99 75 x 55 cm

Melek mi yoksa?

Fine Art Print, Edition 80/99 75 x 55 cm