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Fahrelnissa Zeid (b.1901- d.1991)

She was born in 1901 in Istanbul. The artist, who started painting at the age of 14, was among the first female students of Sanay-i Nefise during the occupation years. She continued her painting education at the Ranson Academy in Paris and at the Namık İsmail workshop of the Fine Arts Academy in Turkey. Early pattern works are figurative, made with the concern of monumentality and mostly as interior depictions. . The late 1940s were the years when he started to focus on abstract compositions, which are now her best-known works. Portraits have a special place in the artist’s figurative paintings. She died in Jordan in 1991.

Red Melody

Oil on canvas 120 x 78 cm


Oil on canvas 124.5 x 89 cm


Oil on canvas 115 x 89.5 cm

Hind Nasser

Oil on canvas 120.5 x 90 cm