ARTIST / Consultancy


Born in Istanbul in 1938, the artist graduated from the Painting Department of the Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts, which he entered in 1958 and graduated in 1966. Parallel to the Academy, he did act in different actor studios and amateur theatres. He opened his first personal exhibition in 1963, the exhibited pieces were mainly patterns. He specialized in painting and lithography in his studies in Paris, where he went with a state scholarship between 1970-1975. He exhibited his first sculptures, in Paris in 1971, in two exhibitions at the Pont des Arts. Later he opened personal exhibitions at Galerie Thérèse Roussel (Perpignan), in 1972 at Galerie Luszpinski (Paris), and again in 1974 at Galerie Thérèse Roussel (Perpignan), Galerie Philippe Demay, (Paris), Galerie Graffiti (Rouen). Between 1975-1980 he gave lectures at the Painting Department of the Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts. He settled in New York between 1980-1984.

Mehmet Güleryüz, was among the representatives of the new expressionists in Turkish Painting in the 1980s, who combines color and patterns in his figures. In his works, color comes forward rather than form, dense paint texture and linear expressions are seen together.

Mehmet Güleryüz continues to live and work in Istanbul and Paris.