ARTIST / Artist


Saül (b. 1989, Istanbul), who did not receive a formal art education, perceives art in a wild context. The artist, who does not recognize painting as a gentle act like writing a poem or a song, chooses to convey his raw emotions to the canvas without filtering his inner world

Having participated in many group exhibitions, Saül opened his first solo exhibition, The Gamut of Darkness/All Layers of Darkness, in 2018. Without filtering the thoughts in his mind his productions evolved more towards to darker tones and darkness which is an attempt to provoke the audience’s attention and encourage the rejection of mediocrity. The uncanny figures, and disturbing images, which are native to Saül’s works, reinforces the “Art Brut” attitude of his works, he produces without caring about the common aesthetic perceptions. The artist’s works, present his deep knowledge of literature, music, and popular culture to the audience by using ink and oil paint, allow us to find ourselves in the middle of the “Uncanny Valley” rather than being invited to that valley.

Artist’s CV

Antibiotics x 2

Oil on canvas 150 x 180 cm

Le Courage et les Liquides Gastrique

Oil on canvas 200 x 200 cm

I am the God

Oil on canvas 184 x 187 cm

Ici c'est l'abattoir

Oil on canvas 160 x 160 cm

Champagne and Liver

Oil on canvas 190 x 250 cm

Ticklish 1/2 Cerebellum

Oil on canvas 200 x 236 cm