For Instıtutıons

Consultancy Services

  • Proposing alternative exhibition venues for non-profit exhibition projects
  • Forming ready exhibition concepts by categorizing collection depending on their characteristics such as chronological, style, technical characteristics etc. through the inventory recording system.
  • Price expertise to insure the works.

Curatorial Services

  • Concept determination
  • Work selection
  • Arrangement of work-venue relations
  • Organizing technical support
  • Sculpture park projects
  • Forming commercial or non-profit exhibition areas in architectural projects
  • Turning existing areas into exhibition venues for non-profit exhibition projects

For Investors

Consultancy Services

  • Collection investment advisory
  • Providing feedback for national and international auctions
  • Arranging living spaces

Intermediary Services

  • Making purchases in the name of clients at national and international auctions
  • Mediating the selling of the existing artworks during collection revision
  • Restoration services
  • Providing a certificate of authenticity for national and international artworks

For Artists

Consultancy Services

  • Creating artist data on an institutional basis
  • Forming updating inventory records
  • Introducing artists to suitable gallery

Organization Services

  • Organizing exhibitions for artists not affiliated to any galleries
  • Organizing exhibitions in Turkey for artists affiliated to galleries abroad