Bahar Oganer


24.02.2022 – 22.03.2022


Bahar Oganer’s works, in which she combines vivid colors and patterns with female figures, meet with art lovers. In the exhibition, which will mainly feature 2021/2022 productions, Oganer’s colorful optical games on perspective distortion allow the works to come into contact with the audience. The artist stands out with her productions on large-sized canvases, close to the Pop art movement. Making productions based on self-portraits, the artist includes traces of her own life, her own mind and the psychology of womanhood in her works.

Bahar Oganer, who graduated from Izmir Dokuz Eylul University, Painting Department, continued her studies at Cité International des Arts Paris, where she went with an İKSV scholarship in 2010. In various parts of the world such as America, Europe and the Middle East; The artist, who has held many solo and group exhibitions in Istanbul, Izmir, New York, Berlin and London, continues her productions in Izmir.

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