Alaattin Efe


01.04.2021 – 30.04.2021

Turkish artist Alaattin Efe’s first solo exhibition in Istanbul titled “Border” can be seen from September 12 to November 2, 2017 at Sevil Dolmacı Art Consultancy, parallel to the 15th Istanbul Biennial.

Cecchini’s works range from photography to drawing, from sculpture to large scale installations. Many of them have been exhibited in important museum and corporate collections around the World. Inspired by the organic growth of plants and natural phenomena, Cecchini has created stainless steel modules which can vary in shape and size, adapting to various architectural forms. For his exhibition at Sevil Dolmacı Art Consultancy, the artist transforms once again the gallery space and continues to distort the reality.

Represented principally by the Italian gallery Galleria Continua and also Leila Heller Gallery, Loris Cecchini is also currently exhibiting in Fondaco Tedeschi, Venice his Waterbones installation, composed of 8000 pieces of stainless steel modules. In September 2017 he will participate in the group exhibition.

The Developed Seed 2016

Copper elecctroplated stainless steel. 190 x 210h x 30 cm

Steelorbitalcocoons 2007

Welded steel spheres in different diameters, approx. 600 x 250 cm

Sequential interaction in alfalfa chorus 2019

Stainless steel.

Waterbones 2018

Stainless steel.

Photo Assemblages 2007

Stainless steel.