Kişisel Sergi

27.02.2024 – 30.04.2024

Robert Janitz



27 FEBRUARY-30 APRIL, 2024


Sevil Dolmacı Dubai is delighted to present the solo exhibition of the internationally acclaimed German artist Robert Janitz, titled “Sign of the Times,” running from February 27 to April 30, 2024. The exhibition, composed of Janitz’s new body of work produced in his studio in Mexico, as well as select works he created during his stay in Sevil Dolmacı Residency in Istanbul, masterfully navigates the cultural merge of the east and west, creating a rich dialogue.

“Sign of the Times”,with the title inspired by the iconic Prince song, offers a glimpse into Janitz’s world, featuring abstract paintings of varying sizes on linen canvases, where he utilises his unique blend of flour, oil, and wax to convey the feeling of motion and the moment that tethers between movement and stability.

The collection of paintings presented in this exhibition delve into the profound semiotic links between the genesis, the origins of human existence and humanity’s intrinsic urge to forge an image of reality through the act of writing. Led by his hesitancy to write about his own art, Janitz creates his own style of writing in the form of his paintings. His use of diagonal lines throughout his works evokes a sense of movement and dynamism. The lines exist in a state of delicate imbalance, between stability and motion, being neither horizontal nor vertical. They invoke a captivating tension as they appear perpetually on the brink of tumbling into movement, inviting the viewer to examine the boundaries between creation, perception and the evolving narrative of reality.

The artist subtly modified the exhibition architecture in adding a large sculptural element: a free leaning white wall in the middle of the space. This casual tilted plane changes the physical situation of the entire space, triggers mild vertigo and furthermore connects to the diagonal line in the paintings.

Janitz masterfully crafts paintings that radiate bold expression, adeptly weaving his personal memories and experiences with references to both the real world and the rich tapestry of art history. He creates semi-abstract and abstract visual narratives, pulling inspiration from a vast array of themes, from the history of portraiture to the beauty and intricacy of everyday motions and scenes. He utilises his own life, from the mnemonic effects of the surfaces and textures around him, right through to the understated yet sensuous appeal of mundane sights such as the smooth movement of butter on bread or the repetitive motion of window washing. Positioning the celebration of painting as a central pillar to his process, Janitz rejoices in the simplicity of his chosen materials. He uses inexpensive brushes bought at hardware stores, allowing his work to “just stay painted”. Janitz’s approach is one of unfiltered directness, evidenced by his rich, tactile use of pigment, the nuanced harmony of his color palettes, and the intentionally raw edges of his canvases. His deliberate rejection of polished pictorialism in favor of raw authenticity invites the viewer into a space where the act of painting itself becomes a conduit for deeper exploration and meaning.

Robert Janitz’s solo exhibition “Sign of the Times” can be viewed at Sevil Dolmaci Dubai in Dubai Design District through February 27 to April 30, 2024.

Dubai Design District, Building 11, R04, Dubai, United Arab Emirates