Reuven Israel


16.05.2022 – 25.06.2022


Sevil Dolmaci Art Gallery is delighted to present Reuven Israel’s first solo exhibition in Turkey. Featuring over twenty sculptures and drawings that span the past decade, Israel has also created new pieces for the exhibition, which occupies the entire Villa Ipranosyan. 

Israel’s practice most often takes the form of aggregate sculptures that can appear as machine-made; however, this is an illusion painstakingly created by the artist. In an era of 3-D printing and digitally born content, Israel grounds his work in slow, human endeavor and delights in the process of making each sculpture by hand, from selecting the wood and creating the shapes to creating colors and finishes. Each work is meticulously crafted to the point of appearing mass-produced.

The title of the exhibition is inspired by Paul Simon’s song “Slip Slidin’ Away”:

 Slip slidin’ away 

Slip slidin’ away 

You know the nearer your destination 

The more youre slip sliding away… 

Simon’s existential lyrics are an apt metaphor for Israel’s works: ever in flux, the sculptures are in constant evolution and need never remain as static objects. A folding system that the artist creates for each work means allows for variable shapes and configurations depending on the space in which it is shown. The artist has also been known to change the configuration of the works throughout the duration of an exhibition; thus, visitors may experience different shows upon subsequent visits to the gallery.

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