Kişisel Sergi

22.09.2023 – 28.10.2023

Bosco Sodi - The Silence of Form

Sevil Dolmacı Gallery hosts Mexican artist Bosco Sodi’s first solo exhibition in Turkey between 22 September and 28 October. The exhibition titled “The Silence of Form” is composed of the artist’s productions in his studios in Mexico, America and Europe.

Sevil Dolmacı Gallery presents Mexican artist Bosco Sodi’s first solo exhibition in Turkey, “The Silence of Form”, to art lovers in Istanbul between 22 September and 28 October.Sodi creates his works with natural materials and pigments and uses clay as the basis of his productions. The artist chooses clay due to its imperfection, naturalness and transience.

While creating his works, Bosco Sodi benefits from the cultural richness, philosophies and material possibilities offered by Mexico, America, and Europe, where he has studios that are designed by world-famous architects. Clay, which forms the basis of the artist’s productions, is a material widely used in the ancient civilisations of the American continent. Sodi creates unique works based on randomness by mixing cellulose, natural pigments, and sawdust with clay, which he discovered when he delved into the past of his own geography. While the artist bases his practice on clay, he also takes his reference from the Japanese “Wabi-Sabi” philosophy, which respects originality and embraces naturalness.

Bosco Sodi creates his works consisting of canvas and sculpture by applying a mixture of natural materials by hand in layers through a meditative process based on creative intuition and randomness. When the material which is always wet at the beginning of this process, begins to dry and cracks begin to form, the artist allows nature to complete the process, hence, Sodi’s collaboration with nature turns into completely coincidental and unpredictable works.

The artist deliberately leaves many of his works untitled with the intention of removing any predisposition or connection beyond the work’s immediate existence and providing space for the audience to enter into a common dialogue with the artist.

Villa İpranosyan building, the main venue of Sevil Dolmacı Gallery in Istanbul, dominated by an eclectic style with its 19th century rococo decorations, offers a unique background that contrasts with the natural, raw, and timeless materials of Bosco Sodi. The audience will witness this contrast and have a different experience with “The Silence of Form” exhibition between 22 September and 28 October.

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