ARTIST / Artist


Born in 1964 in Adıyaman, the artist completed his education at İzmir Dokuz Eylül University Fine Arts Faculty. Between 1990-93 he worked with Professor Adem Genç, between 1994-99 he worked with Hermann Nitsch at the Frankfurt Stdelschule.

The artist, who uses geometric and repetitive patterns in his works, is known for creating forms that create a sense of timelessness in the audience with repetitive and interlocking patterns on his canvases. He modulates the canvas surface by developing a unique painting technique in his works, which he creates by focusing on the motif phenomenon.

The artist, who has held many exhibitions at home and abroad, has works in the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, The Hague/European Patent Office, Munich/Goetz Collection, Munich/Allianz collections.

Artist’s CV


Oil on canvas 220 x 180 cm


Screen print and oil on canvas 298 x 188 cm