ARTIST / Artist


Gomezbarros, studied Plastic Arts at the Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano. The projects developed by Gómezbarros reveal a particular concern in some way to political situation in Colombia, while questioning the reality that containment between the individual and the social, desire and reality, identity and anonymity.

His works and sculptural interventions as House Taken; refers to the violence as agent and system universally, coerced into the social fabric, in Rattles and Urns, works that are strongly associated with the nature of the mind, the fragility of life and resistance to death, his interest in ritual and repetitive, leads him to have a production.

Gomezbarros’s works have not been subordinated to the assembling conditions. As a result of a rigorous study of physical and institutional possibilities of several of his works, Gomezbarros has set up a method that functions as a work plan that begins in his studio and unfolds with the fulfillment of a number of premises which sometimes take years to be resolved. Adopting a biological metaphor, it is worth saying that his works literally grow. In this sense, an installation as “House Taken” (2008-2015), can turn part of an examination that the artist applied on its module (mold of human skull), to modify it until it ended up by going on from its accumulation in a gallery (apolitical white bucket), to the shape of a body similar of an invading ant (public space problematic).


House Taken / Casa Tomada

fiberglass, sand, carbon, cloth, rope, tree branch 70 x 35 x 82 cm

We Are Numbers

Fiberglass, cement, carbon, bonsai trees, iron plinth 150 x 35 x 50 cm

I Eat, You Eat, He Eats

Steel square, aluminum spoon 50 cm