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Born in 1974 in Baltimore, USA, the work of Rosy Keyser invites us to think about the intersections between people and matter around us. Keyser usually carries objects and industrial materials she finds in rural areas of America to her works by tearing, damageing or deforming their structure. The forms thus created become compositions that carry the indelible traces of Keyser’s actions on the one hand and the obscure past each object had on the other. Each large-scale and inevitably tactile work touches different feelings and creates a bodily language of what it means to live in a material world.

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Artist’s CV

High Priestess (Minoan B.C.)

Oil, acrylic enamel 168 x 97 cm

R.E.M. Animal (Sleep in a Tidal Pool)

Oil, acrylic enamel, spray paint, pastel, mica, and string on waxed canvas 153.5 x 117 cm

Johnny Walker’s Groove

Oil, pastel, and sawdust on waxed canvas 153.5 x 117 cm

Lurid Hinge

Aluminum enamel, oil paint, spray paint, horsehair, and sawdust on oil primed linen 205 x 162.5 cm

Silver Tonque

Aluminum enamel, oil, sawdust, horsehair, weeds, suspenders, and paper on canvas 147.5 x 117 cm