Kişisel Sergi

11.07.2023 – 03.08.2023


Sevil Dolmacı Art Gallery is pleased to announce Lanpir’s first solo exhibition at the gallery between 11 July and 3 August. The exhibition titled CONTRAЯIO will feature mostly works from the artist’s CHESƧ series.

For his first exhibition at Sevil Dolmacı, Lanpir tackles the inevitable concept of “contrast” for an artist. According to him, the concept of contrast, which is at the core of every phenomenon in the world, comes from our body, our thoughts and the outer world that surrounds them. It shapes our existence and our actions. The artist, too, is nourished by these contrasts both in his own values ​​and in his dealings with the world. ContraЯIO, which stands for “contrast”, helps the artist to sustain the universe he has established and to put the works he produces into a meaningful context.

Lanpir depicts the figures he has created on or near a chessboard in his CHESƧ series, which he has been developing for the past years. All of the figures in human and angelic forms are in a different mood. The artist sometimes turns these figures into chess pawns, sometimes makes themselves play chess. In short, Lanpir invites the viewer to the CONTRAЯIO within. The exhibition can be seen at Sevil Dolmacı-Villa İpranosyan between 11 July and 3 August.

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