Haluk Akakçe

Made in Love

03.03.2022 – 22.03.2022

Made in Love

After a five year hiatus, Haluk Akakçe is meeting with audiences in Istanbul with three important video works and a comprehensive exhibition that summarizes his production of the past five years. The exhibition named ‘Made in Love’ will be open between March 3-22, 2022 at Akaretler Sıraevler No:37-39 in collaboration with Sevil Dolmacı Art Gallery and Akaretler Sıraevler No:37-39.

Multidisciplinary artist Haluk Akakçe’s video and sound installation ‘They Called it Love I Call it Madness’ which covered 4-6 blocks of Vegas streets in 2006 and large scale never-before-seen paintings are among the elements that make this exhibition significant. Akakce’’s videos examine the relationship between humans and technology , while sometimes making references to biology, geometry and architecture. Akakce ‘s video works are mostly accompanied by musical compositions either specially composed or adapted from an existing classical piece. The hypnotic quality of computer-generated images is more strongly emphasized by the soundtracks of his videos. Other video works by the artist titled ‘White on White’ and ‘Mr. Butterfly’ will also be included in the exhibition. Akakçe’s latest productions of cut-out reliefs, sculptures and works on paper will accompany his videos and paintings.

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