Group Exhibition

Playful Minds

28.01.2022 – 25.02.2023

Playful Minds

“Playful Minds”
group exhibition
28 January – 25 February 2023

Haluk Akakçe

Ruby Anemic

Theodore Boyer


Sam Jablon

Royal Jarmon

Ozan Oganer

Sinan Saul

Kan Seidel

Eric Shaw

Sevil Dolmacı Art Gallery is pleased to announce the group exhibition titled “Playful Minds” between 28 January-25 February. Works by American artists Theodore Boyer, Sam Jablon, Royal Jarmon, Kan Seidel and Eric Shaw, as well as Turkish artists Haluk Akakçe and Sinan Saül will be on display.

Today’s art historians meet on a common point: Although an art movement ending with “ism” has not been seen since the beginning of the 2000s, the phenomenon called Contemporary art is now characterized in a global sense. Multiculturalism, which started to be seen in the art world in the 1980s and 90s, has today left its place to a different diversity, a more inclusive, egalitarian and easier access environment. As a result of this, artists leave the projection of the world they live in, and perhaps their own lives, in the works they produce in an area where they feel creatively free, as they wish, without being tied to a particular trend.

“Playful Minds” brings together the artists belonging to the mentioned group. The exhibition, which consists of 25 works by 10 artists belonging to Y and Z generations, underlines the diversity by expressing themselves in a figurative or abstract style and even in writing, different from each other, with free and original styles in contemporary art. Royal Jarmon, Sam Jablon and Kan Seidel will be added to the American artists who have been on the gallery’s artist list for a while, such as Theodore Boyer and Eric Shaw, while Sinan Saül will bring his uncanny but extraordinary figures together with art lovers in his first exhibition at the gallery.

Playful Minds can be visited at Villa İpranosyan, the main venue of Sevil Dolmacı Art Gallery, between January 28 and February 25.